Mortar Block Supports

Common sense and building codes mandate that you raise the pipes and conduit off of the roof. Pipes laying on uneven surfaces are susceptible to damage, warping and water intrusion. Even pipes that are raised off of the surface are subject to corrosion from rusting supports, warping from supports that deteriorate in bad weather and torsion from flimsy support. A-Rise Pipe Support’s revolutionary mortar block is study, stable and weather resistant.

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Weather Resilient Micro-bubble infusion:


Our unique process infuses tiny micro-bubbles throughout the mortar block. This makes the block lighter than a comparable block of concrete yet strong and sturdy enough to hold extremely heavy loads. The micro-bubbles give the infused concrete just enough flex and room to withstand years of extreme freeze-thaw climate cycles.

After two decades of use on the Narita and Heneda Airports in Japan our mortar blocks still look new. We eliminate the need to replace worn out, deteriorated blocks.



Water Proof and Corrosion-resistant:

channel-specs.jpgEach mortar block is dip coated to form a highly water repellent seal. Combined with the micro-bubble infusion our blocks withstand all weather conditions and do not deteriorate or breakdown unlike wood, foam or soft rubber blocks. The U-channel is made from an extremely corrosion-resistant hot dip coated steel. Testing has shown our rust resistant channel to be 20 times tougher than galvanized steel. This means that our supports will not rust and will not damage your pipes. The channel easily and quickly secures the A-Rise Support patented pipe clamps and most other standardized pipe clamps. Use the channel specifications on the right and compare them to your preferre pipe clamps. The channels are an integral part of the block and will not come loose or separate from the block ensuring years of reliable, secure support. 


Nonskid Bottom


Each of our mortar blocks has a strong rubber footing. This means our blocks stay where they are put without additional fasteners and without damaging the roof membrane.  Because of the blocks strength, weight and nonskid qualities it is the right choice for supporting heavy equipment and pipes on any roof or surface at any angle. Use our blocks to anchor large equipment that may be susceptible to movement due to wind, snow and ice. 

The 6" Mortor Block and the 12" Mortor Block gives you the choices and versitility to meet any job demands, requirements and situations.